All You Need To Know About Massage Gun

There is always a probability of feeling pain in your body after exercise. The pain is even likely to affect your routine activities. So, it is essential to take care of it before the reverse occurs. Before now, the use of foam roller has been in the vanguard of suppressing muscle pains.

However, researchers have shown that a body instantly feels relaxed with the stress level reduced drastically after a massage. In fact, 7-8 hours of sleep is equivalent to 60 minutes of massage. This shows how effective and efficient a massage gun can be. Rather than sleeping, why don't you get a massage gun?

The Best Massage Type

Massage can come in two major forms: using hand or machine. Though both are effective, machine massage has proven to be more effective. This is why many athletes make use of it today. This is due to the other side benefits of using the machine. You get benefits like easy usability, faster recovery period, protects user's privacy, etc. One of the many machines use for massage is a massage gun.

What really is a massage gun? 

As the name sounds, a massage gun is like a 'gun' designed to help in relaxing muscle tightness and improving blood flow.

It has recently proven to be one of the best massage machines that restore and even improve muscular functionality.

The machine gun can be used virtually by all individuals experiencing pain, most especially muscular pains.

Who Uses Massage Gun

Most athletes use it to relax their bodies. People who are stressed, those who have body pains or those who are unable to sleep can use a massage gun to improve their condition.


A Power Tool?

One interesting fact about the machine is the simplicity of usage. Before now, the machine sounds like a power tool, whirling as it works. Many manufacturers have even silenced the sound. All you have to do now is to turn the machine on, place an inch closer to the affected area and allow it to do its job of restoring health to your body.

The result is achieved via the to and fro pulsations. This helps in activating weaker result and improve blood flow. In fact, the pulsation is the actual activity that really produces great results.

How Massage Gun Works

Massage guns work using the pain gate theory. The theory believes that it is possible to 'deceive' the nervous system, thereby reducing pain. There should be proper stimulation and responsiveness of the nervous system during pain sensation.

This is possible by sending the right frequency of nerve impulses making the pain 'run away.' This is exactly what the machine employed in giving the effective result: tricking the system into acting faster on pain.

The right massage gun for you 

Due to the efficiency and effectiveness of massage guns, many manufacturers have taken the bull by its horn and produced many of the products. This, therefore, usually leave many people with the decision of making the right decision.

After thorough reviews and research, one of the massage guns topped our list. Toro Muscle Recovery Massager For Athlete ensures proper muscle recovery and blood flow for people, most especially athletes. Manufactured by TORO MANUFACTURER, some of the benefitting specifications are

●     Gives a higher recovery time by sustaining and improving blood flow to the affected area

●     Helps in preventing muscle soreness after an extensive and exhaustive workout

●     Fasten the healing process of muscles by majorly increasing oxygen supply and growth hormones.

●     Prevent fatigue by suppressing the accumulation of lactic acid.

●     It can also be used in massaging other areas, apart from muscular areas.

●     Simplicity of usage

●     Greater result in lesser time

Toro Massager has been used by many athletes and most of their testimonies have been centered on how their bodies achieve full functionality after an exhaustive workout.


Why You Need It 

Massage guns are the right choice when it comes to fighting pain. Generally, the following benefits are gotten from using any type of massage guns:

●     Release and reduce lactate in the body

●     Help in accelerating muscular recovery

●     Improve and enhance the range of motion

●     Open up the closed circulatory system, thereby improving blood flow

●     Ease the pain associated with soft tissue damage

●     Fasten the growth of muscle

●     Enhance muscle responsiveness

●     Decrease the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS)